Golty Farabeau brings home Kontribisyon from the UK


Golty FarabeauBass guitarist Golty, who has been living abroad for a little over eight years, says he wanted to write something different this time.

“This time I’ve dedicated my work to all sufferers of the world,” he said.
He says he chose the name Kontribisyon for his album because a lot of people – mainly those who work with him – have contributed to the final product.

“Plus I see it as part of my contribution to the music scene,” he said, adding he is proud of how the local youths are developing musically.

“Without music and people to spread it, life is basically devoid of feelings and meaning. I see music as a means of showing people the way and this is what I talk about in my song Food for Life. It’s all about the music,” he adds.

His other song Zot Menm Disan focuses mostly on his children and sibling rivalry in general.
“It’s a love song to my children asking them to get along – it doesn’t matter where and who they live with and they should all get along because they are all my children,” he says.

Golty is currently living in Cheshire in the United Kingdom and currently performs in two bands – Jahmadou and the Red Head Band – the latter revolving around soul, funk and blues while the former focuses on mostly reggae.

He explains that some of his songs feature other singers.
“For example there is a lovely lady who works with me named Allison Cain. She was a jazz singer but has since merged her talents to reggae beats and was part of the making of the album. Her song In the Arms of Love is truly a brilliant one.”

Golty says he is happy to be visiting his native country, but is somewhat disappointed at the number of pirated albums being circulated.

“We definitely need to support local well-known as well as upcoming artists and I think the best way to do that is by buying their albums,” he says.

The dreadlocked artist’s final words before concluding the interview is an advice for new artists on the scene.

“Patience in life is everything – take each day in your stride and always believe in yourself.”
Golty will be promoting his album during a live show at the Upgrade night club on Friday July 27.

R. B.

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