La Digue’s iconic bird gets added protection


The La Digue Society for Protection of Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher was registered as a non-governmental organisation at the Registration Division, Department of Legal Affairs on June 14, 2012.

The main aim of the society is to protect, preserve and promote the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher, which is listed as a critically endangered bird, on La Digue and other islands in Seychelles.

The following executive committee members of the society were elected on May 10, 2012, for a period of two years: Antoine Pierre de Comarmond (chairperson), Josianna Rose (vice-chairperson), Sodia Eliza (secretary), Genna Louise (treasurer), Nadia Morel, Perly Constance, Robert Agnes (members).

Membership of the society is open to residents and non-residents of La Digue including visitors to Seychelles.

The society is based at La Passe, La Digue.
Any contribution towards this noble cause will be greatly appreciated.
More information about the society can be obtained from the chairperson, Antoine Pierre de Comarmond (tel: 2784710) or the secretary Sodia Eliza (tel: 2535363).

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