Court views suspented pirates' deadly arsenal


Constable Hollanda explaining to the court delegation how the various weapons work

One of the former suspects pleaded guilty to charges related to piracy and was jailed by a different court for 10 years, but the remaining 13 were present when constable Robin Hollanda who “now has exclusive custody of the weaponry” at the Perit Paris public security support wing explained to the court how they work.

He said how many bullets each of the many types of heavy guns normally carries, adding some seemed to have been fired. He said for example some magazines which normally bear 30 bullets had only three left.

There were rocket launchers and pistols as well as ladders supposedly used to illegally board ships, but Nation learned that grenades and other explosives “had been disposed off in the sea rather than risk bringing them to Seychelles because nobody knew under what conditions they had been stored and if they were safe to have around”.

Mr Hollanda will continue giving evidence in court this morning.
Present at the site was defence lawyer Anthony Derjacques and senior state counsel Michael Mulkerrins who is prosecuting, along with court officials and an interpreter.

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