Man gets life for murder


When summing up the case to the jury, Mr Burhan said the court was told Mrs Nourrice worked at the Aquarius Shipping company as a cleaner and that she usually left for work every morning around 1.40am. Her husband Phillip would accompany her to Weeling’s shopping centre and from there she would go alone.

“On October 21, 2011 she had left for work as usual at 1.40am and he had accompanied her to Weeling’s shopping centre and watched her till she disappeared from his view and thereafter he had gone home and slept.”

Judge Burhan said around 6am the husband was awoken and taken to the mortuary where he identified his wife’s body.

A pathologist said the deceased had injuries on the head, neck and chest which indicated a severe attack and died because of the injuries.

A doctor said the accused had abrasions on his left hand and fingers, upper arm, above his clavical, below his left elbow, above his umbilicus on the left ankle outer part and had grass near his private parts.

A security officer said at 2.15am he had heard a woman scream and had seen a man kicking somebody on the ground and phoned the police telling them a man was beating a woman close to the Amusement Centre, and how he had seen the man rape a lady, and how he had followed the assailant who reportedly passed near the Seychelles Nation offices and was later arrested.

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