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 The company’s professionalism has enabled its team of over 200 staff to build a strong foundation upon which to develop their tourism career aspirations.

Following a thorough induction programme across all departments once joining the company, all staff members are given opportunities for on-the-job training  (e.g. developing product knowledge, First Aid certification) and professional SIM training programmes (e.g. Chartered Institute of Marketing Diplomas). Cross-department skills application is encouraged to develop personal skills and career opportunities. The company also provides a range of incentives and performance-based bonuses for its team.

Continuous in-house training is an essential component of the company’s plan to ensure high staff retention and sustainability for its team of over 98% Seychellois. Mason’s Travel is a firm believer in organisational growth that embraces sustainable practices from within. The team also gives back to the community through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, such as supporting orphanages, participating in environmental protection activities, to name a few.

Some of the company’s sustainable employment practices and principals include:
• Equality amongst all employees, non-discrimination policy
• Fair wages and the opportunity to achieve job advancement, greater rewards and promotions
• Employee counseling and promotion of life skills
• Regular training opportunities and target skills development
• Occupational wellness and encouragement of work-life balance
• Provide and promote safe work conditions
• Encouraging the team to give back to the community and to embrace environmental sustainable practices (CSR programme)
• Promotion of internal mentorship and team spirit

With a ‘hands-on’ approach to all aspects of service, the company has achieved its “ISO 9001-2000” Certification and recently awarded “ISO 9001-2008” Certification, which guides service delivery and serves as a training tool. Mason’s Travel is keen to enrich its corporate culture and further develop rewarding opportunities for its team; creating a synergy between corporate growth and individual employee career development.

Mason’s Travel also has a CSR programme. Their dedication to corporate social responsibility is highlighted through activities such as:

• Creation of the Green Islands Foundation (GIF) by our executive director, Kathy Mason. GIF is an environmental non-governmental organisation dedicated to the mainstreaming of sustainable development among our islands. It also functions as coordinator for environmental initiatives on and relating to Denis Island as well as initiating coastal zone management projects on Grand-Anse Praslin and North Island.

• Volunteer work and regular donations to the children orphanages of Seychelles

• A key sponsor for the University of Seychelles, promoting higher education

• Engaging in regular environmental clean-up programmes alongside the Ministry of Environment and other NGOs such as Nature Seychelles

• A key sponsor and member of the Coco de Mer Foundation, promoting the protection of our endemic coco de mer palm and preservation of our World Heritage Site, the Vallee de Mai.

• A key sponsor in many sporting events and activities such as Seychelles Eco-Healing Marathon, Indian Ocean Island Games, to name a few

• Participation in local events. All fund-raising activity proceeds go towards charity.

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