US Independence anniversary marked in Seychelles


The guest of honour was Seychelles’ Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan. 
The chargé d’affaires spoke of positive relationship between the US and Seychelles, and Minister Morgan referred to the US Declaration of Independence’s quote of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

This port visit by the USS McFaul not only allowed the US embassy to share the celebration of its National Day with the people of the Seychelles, but it also represented an opportunity for the crew of the ship to serve as goodwill ambassadors of the US, promoting peace and stability in the region.
Visits such as these strengthen the bonds between the US and partner countries and work toward mutual goals.

The crew of the ship were happy to be in Seychelles as they got the opportunity to meet the people of Port Victoria, and to experience the rich history and culture of Seychelles.

Crew members also took part in a community relations activity.  On July 13, eighteen sailors , led by Navy Chaplain Marian King, volunteered their time at the President’s Village children’s home and took part in various projects ranging from replacing broken door handles and locks, to installing ceiling fans, and painting the rooms where the children eat, play and receive care. 


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