Family welcomes help after house fire


Marie and Pierre among the rubble that was their home before the fire (Photo by GT) Aaron and Ian on their way to school yesterday. They lost their uniform to the fire, except what they were wearing (Photo by GT)

Josta Marie and Kent Pierre told Family Life they lost everything but people – especially neighbours – have been kind and offered what they could, saying they have been allocated a bedsitter which they hope to move into this morning.
“A lady from the neighbourhood for example took our children – Aaron Marie, 9 and Ian Pierre, 7 – to a shop and bought them some clothes and we really appreciate these gestures,” they said, giving Marie’s number as 2526248 and Pierre’s as 2716065 adding people can contact them directly if they wish.

Police said the fire which gutted the family’s new house seems to have been started on purpose, they are investigating, have so far arrested one person and are looking for “another one or two”.

“Honestly I don’t think I’m a bad person and I wonder why anybody would have thought of doing this to us,” said Mr Pierre yesterday as he and Josta looked at the rubble that was their house only days ago.

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