Junior fire officers learn how to be team leaders


A session of the training on Monday soon after its official launch

A five-day training for Incident Commanders is being held at the Maritime Training Centre at Providence, led by Nico Johan Becker, who is from the Emergency Training Solutions in South Africa.

Those taking part included officers from the Victoria-based station and some from the Anse Boileau sub-station.

With new fire stations due to be built in Seychelles soon, the agency is focusing on training staff to cater for the country’s needs and the Incident Commander training is only a part of the various training to be held.

Financed by the agency, the training is aiming to empower the officers to take control of a scene using action plans, pre-fire planning and post-fire analysis.

They will also learn to communicate and gain leadership qualities, problem-solving skills and compile action plans.

The course content also covers the Fire Brigade Act, fire-fighting strategies, incident command system, fire ground safety, case studies and practical exercises.

The chief fire officer at the agency, Andre Morel, told Seychelles Nation that it was more cost-effective to bring an instructor here than to send a team of officers to South Africa and that there will be more training held locally, but officers will also have the chance to eventually go on overseas training. 

“In August, we will have another team of 12 being trained in fire prevention, and will afterwards be qualified to do building inspection, make recommendations on how and where to install fire safety equipment and others,” he said.

“If all goes according to plan, and at the end of the year – most probably by November – we will send a team of four to South Africa to do a course on fire investigation,” he said.

Those taking part in this week’s training, which was officially launched on Monday, will also be assessed in various ways, such as having to draw up their own action plan, implement an incident command system and conduct fire ground safety, with also theoretical exams at the end of the course.

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