Children’s foundation donates to crèche and orphanage


Jelline Quatre, the director of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation, visited the crèche first, where she handed over the games to Daniella Antat, head teacher at the Anse Etoile primary school, who received the donation on behalf of the school’s crèche. 

The hand-over ceremony at the Anse Etoile crèche

For the occasion, some of the children from the Anse Etoile crèche showed their appreciation by singing a ‘thank you’ song composed by them.

Sister Dhira, who is in charge of the Sisters of Charity at Anse Etoile, accepted the donation of games for the children placed in their day care and other children who come to the institution during the school holidays.

The hand-over ceremony at the Sisters of Charity

Both Mrs Antat and Sister Dhira expressed their appreciation to the First Lady and the foundation for their continued assistance and kindness towards the children and acclaimed the good work that Mrs Michel is doing to reach out to all children in Seychelles.

Ms Quatre reaffirmed to all present the First Lady’s commitment and determination to continue supporting the children in different areas of needs in Seychelles.

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