Minister visits cultural institutions on inner islands


Minister St Ange touring the libraries at Baie Ste Anne (top), Grand Anse (bottom left) and La Digue (bottom right)

Minister St Ange was also joined on La Digue by the Minister for Environment and Energy, Prof. Rolph Payet, and together they looked at the environmental impact of different tourism projects under construction.

On the first lapse of his visit, which started on Praslin, Minister St Ange, together with the principal secretary for culture, Benjamine Rose, and the special advisor to the minister, Raymonde Onezime, called on the workers who administer the Baie Ste Anne and the Grand Anse public libraries.

Minister St Ange has complimented the exceptionally high standard of the two libraries and said that he is impressed with the general neatness and cleanliness.

“I value your professionalism and I congratulate you on the success of your work in keeping the libraries neat and tidy. Despite a lack of adequate space for storing and displaying the books, you have shown the core competences of working with the available resources and making the libraries a conducive environment for those who visit you. You need to be complimented and used as shining examples,” he said.

At Grand Anse, Minister St Ange and his delegation made a stopover at the old library building sitting opposite the Pension Fund building. The building falls under the responsibility of the culture department and there are plans to rehabilitate the premises and to put it into use.
The Grand Anse Praslin school of music was also visited where the minister discussed ways and means of making the premises more conducive to students.

On La Digue, the culture department delegation also visited the library -- the sole amenity of the department on the island.

“The visit was needed. Seeing what we offer gives us a better idea in our forward planning. Our library services are essential for the Praslinois and Diguois and during all our discussions we have seen that the existing plans for a cultural center at Baie Ste Anne is one that will further enhance the services provided by the ministry,” Minister St Ange said.


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