Assembly to discuss proposed changes to Legal Practitioners Act


The proposed legislation – Legal Practitioners Act (Amendment) Bill, 2012 – will be presented to the National Assembly by Vice-President Danny Faure.

The bill proposes changes to Section 2 of the Act, as well as, introduces five new sections, two new parts and two new schedules.

Under the new part IVA, provision is being made for the setting up of a Law Council. Among its main functions, the council will be mandated to formulate and publish a code of conduct for legal practitioners and to enquire into breaches of the code.

Other functions will include; approving and conducting vocational training courses and holding admission examinations for prospective attorneys-at-law; and devising, organising and conducting continuing professional development programmes for attorneys-at-law.

However, prior to debates on the bill, the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry, Peter Sinon, will be present to answer eight questions on various subjects relating to his ministry.

Finally, the National Assembly will consider a motion to be tabled by proportionally elected member, Sylvianne Valmont. The motion is calling on the government to consider introducing a point-based system which could be used both as a guide on driving licenses and as a penalty against negligent drivers.

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