First Lady reaches out to trainees at Vocational Training Centre


Mrs Michel interacting with a trainee at the centre

Mrs Michel, who is also the chairperson of the Seychelles Children’s Foundation (SCF), was accompanied on her visit by the SCF chief executive Noella Gonthier.

Talking to journalists, Mrs Gonthier said Mrs Michel wanted to visit the centre so that she could familiarise herself with what goes on there and to know of the various programmes that these trainees are following.

Mrs Gonthier added that most importantly the First Lady wanted to interact with the trainees, to hear their aspirations and to identify areas which are in need of assistance.

Led by the chairperson of the National Council for the Disabled Patricia Rene and executive secretary Celine Fanchette, Mrs Michel was taken on a tour of the centre.

During her visit, Mrs Michel had the chance to see the trainees at work and to view their achievements.

Aside from the warm welcome she received on her arrival, Mrs Michel was given gifts as souvenir of her visit to the centre at North East Point.

Mrs Michel is presented with a gift by one of the trainees

To conclude her visit, she met the council members to discuss issues relating to the centre and identify areas where help is needed.

Mrs Michel’s visit to the centre forms part of her initiative to reach out to children needing special attention.

In an interview, Mrs Fanchette said it was a privilege to have the First Lady at their institution.

She said her visit shows that the government is committed to helping the centre and the disabled ones.

The Vocational Training Centre is managed by the National Council for the Disabled.

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