Some pertinent questions about the Records of Achievement (RoA)


- Personal details
- Personal statement
- Subject-related academic achievements
- Vocational studies achievements
- In-school certificates, acknowledgements (including sports and hobby pursuits)
- Out of school achievements, interests, activities (including certificates, acknowledgements, etc.)

These may be collected during a student’s time in school and will be continued into higher education, training institutions and work places.
It is a student’s record for LIFE, to be built on and used as he/she chooses.

Who uses it?
The students – in order to:

1. Record all their achievements in school and elsewhere
2. Reflect and build on their learning experiences
3. Remind them of their progress and successes

The class and subject tutors
1. Through the action planning process and discussions, which will help students set targets and record their achievements as they progress through school.

An employer
1. As a focus at interview to help assess a student’s potential as an employee. To that effect, the RoA can be used to assist in the writing of CVs.
An interviewer/admissions officer of a higher educational institution e.g. School of Business Studies and Accounting
In order to:

1.   Ensure that the studies a student is choosing is appropriate to him/her.
2. Get a fuller picture of a student as an individual.

Why have a Record of Achievements?
- It tells people about a student’s achievement.

- It tells people about the achievements you might otherwise have forgotten.
- It gives a broad view of a student as a person.

- It helps the student to keep an up to date record of their achievements and pinpoint areas where he/she might need support or have extra learning requirements.

- It helps a student to assess himself/herself and work out their strengths and weaknesses and, through action planning, indicate areas which might need working on.

- It is a professional looking document in which to keep evidence of a student’s successes (loose certificates and pieces of paper which may be needed later tend to get lost over time).

Who owns the Record of Achievements?
The RoA, which contains evidence of all the student’s achievements, both inside and outside school, is the student’s property. He/she can use it in any way he/she sees fit. e.g. by selecting pages to show to a prospective employer or using selected parts of the evidence to write a CV.

All activities done by a student – both in and out of school – can be recorded in his/her RoA

However, the record will be kept by the school until the student leaves the institution. But, he/she will have access to it during the review process with his/her class tutor.

The record has to be updated and maintained by the student in collaboration with his/her class tutor and parents, later on.

Next week’s Education Page will bring you an extensive feature on Records of Achievements and its introduction at Secondary 1 (S1) level. Rendezvous next week for more!

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