Education-Council heads discuss ways to help keep children safe on-line


Saturday’s meeting in progress

This move is part of the Ministry of Education’s campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of using the internet and how to protect children.

Held at the School of Education at Mont Fleuri, the meeting was led the Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon and her principal secretary Merida Delcy.

Also in attendance were other senior ministry officials.
A presentation was done by a representative of the National Council for Children, which gave details of how children could be in danger from the internet and measures that could be taken to curb their being at risk.

There were also tips for parents, and all of the information will be made available to parents soon, as a guide to how they can also do their part to keep children safe on-line.

Minister Mondon said a national campaign needs to be implemented on how to keep children safe on-line and both parents and children need to be brought in on the project.

New chairpersons for Au Cap, Praslin secondary, Grand Anse Praslin primary, La Digue and Anse Boileau secondary school councils were introduced and welcomed to the council.

The meeting also served to address a number of issues related to the work of the chairpersons and new information based on the work of the ministry.

The school council initiative was launched around two years ago and Minister Mondon said she was satisfied by the work done so far.

Other topics discussed included concerns over school uniform and discipline in school, students’ use of mobile phones in schools, pastoral care and performance of schools.
“We feel it is time to review and strengthen the code of conduct over use of mobile phones in schools as we feel that the current policy is not effective enough,” Minister Mondon said.

There was also a presentation about pastoral care and its importance in the school curriculum.

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