Vijay brings joy to La Misère pupils


A souvenir photograph of the occasion

The company has also paved the road leading to the school’s crèche making it safer for the smaller children to move around.

In a short ceremony at the school recently, the company’s boss Vijay Patel, in the presence of members of his firm, unveiled a plaque to mark the handing over of the projects to the pupils of La Misère.

This took place in the presence of members of staff, parents, the chairperson of the school’s Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Nigel Henry, school council members and pupils.

The pupils then staged some moving performances to express their gratitude. The crèche pupils started first and they were followed by Joan Laurette and Courtney Hibonne from the primary six class. They recited a poem inspired by the national theme Striving for our Seychelles.

Joel Adeline from primary five and Sheridan Esparon from primary six thanked Vijay Construction on behalf of their fellow pupils.

Head teacher Steve Hoareau thanked Mr Patel on behalf of the school and the La Misère community.  He said the handing over of the projects signify a new beginning for the school and Vijay Construction.

“It is a partnership which the school, through its council and PTA committee, will cherish and reinforce,” said Mr Hoareau.

He said changes in the current economic climate calls for greater involvement of the community in improving pupils’ school environment.

“We cannot rely solely on the government to make things happen. There is a need for more collaborative relationships with the private sector, local businesses and other partners in the community for possible contributions towards the development of the school,” he stressed.

Mr Hoareau added that through this donation, Mr Patel, a resident of La Misère, has given the pupils the opportunity to develop their motor skills through play.

Mr Patel reiterated Mr Hoareau’s words and expressed his company’s pleasure to be able to contribute in the school’s improvement and the pupils’ educational development.

“We all know that children are a joy and it is more joy when we see them happy. And they are happy when they are playing,” noted Mr Patel.

Mr Patel said his company will always be pleased to continue collaborating with the school on future projects.
“Our aim is to continue to make children happier,” he added.

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