Stakeholders urged to make Perseverance a model village


Designated Minister Vincent Meriton said this on Thursday when he visited Ile Perseverance.

Mr Meriton, who is also responsible for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, was accompanied by the special adviser for community development Dan Frichot, and the two Ile Perseverance district administrators – Georgie Nicette and Denise Clarisse.
Others included representatives from key agencies and departments.
Speaking to the media after his visit, Mr Meriton said Ile Perseverance is a community which is continuously growing.

The delegation visiting the new supermarket on which work is almost complete …

“The government wants to work collaboratively with all agencies and organisations concerned to make the place a model village,” he said.

There is a need for the residents to respect their community, private and public properties, rules and regulations.

Mr Meriton said it is important for the residents to come forward and to contribute towards the development of their community.

He said the districts’ authorities have projects to carry out and that there is a need for the residents to form part of these new developments.

… and the internet café where some children were busy surfing the net

Areas Minister Meriton and his delegation visited include the family park which is under construction. The family park will include playing equipment, a tuck shop, mini court, mini playing field, kiosk, benches, a covered area and fencing all around.

They also visited the new supermarket on which work is almost complete, the internet café, a family and some young judokas during a training session.

The minister also learned more on the needs of the village, especially facilities like bus shelters.

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