Up Close … with Compassion Foundation’s newly elected chairperson Trevor Barbe-‘My family is my inspiration’


Trevor BarbeTrey, as most of his friends and loved ones call him, can be described as a reliable young man who can accomplish anything he sets his mind on.

We met on the afternoon of August 9 and after that interview, I knew right there and then that the foundation could not have chosen a better person as its head.

About Trey
The youthful and lively Trey led me into his amazing world of fun, peace and great achievements.
The quiet neighbourhood of Les Canelles, Anse Royale is where he resides and in that same district he has spent all his school years.

“I live at Anse Royale, I went to primary and secondary schools in that same district and even spent three years studying at the Seychelles Polytechnic.”

He smiled, paused and then calmly said: “Anse Royale is my home and I love it.”

Growing up
“Well, I cannot complain because I have good memories about my childhood. It was a good one,” he said.

“My family is my inspiration and I want to be successful and have one of my own.”
Like his fellow classmates, Trey had dreams and knew exactly what he wanted to be and do later in life.

“When I was growing up, I have always liked the idea of starting my own business; I have always wanted to do something related with business,” he said.

Trey believes that he is still young and can indeed hold on tight to that dream.

Stepping into the world of work

After Anse Royale secondary, Trey’s next stop was at the Seychelles Polytechnic, where he followed a three-year advanced diploma in business studies.

Earlier this year, his parents were proud to see him graduate after successfully completing his post secondary studies.

Trey with Compassion’s founder Marcus Volcy

The first step into the world of work…
“I work at UCPS (United Concrete Products Seychelles) at Pointe Larue as an assistant accountant,” he told me.

“I do not face many challenges at work; I was warmly welcomed there on my first day. I had no problem to adapt and become a member of the big UCPS family.”
”My boss and work colleagues are always there to support me and for that I thank them,” he added.

DJ Trey
If you have been at the La Faya bar at Beau Bel then you must have seen DJ Trey showing off his skills.
“It’s an exciting part of my life. I enjoy it so much. It’s real fun being a DJ,” he said.
“I have been a DJ for two years. When I discovered that I had that skill then I started to play at parties and other private gatherings.”
And now at the famous La Faya…
“I am proud and for me it’s a major achievement,” he said.
“As a DJ you need to adapt to all kinds of music so I do have to keep up to date with the latest tunes.”
Being a DJ, work and Compassion Foundation leaves him with little time for other activities such as sports, so Trey prefers to spend his time fulfilling his dreams and ambitions.

Compassion Foundation is an initiative set to empower young people in Seychelles for a successful future.

It is an independent, non-profit organisation with Marcus Volcy as its founder and Kenny Roberts as co-founder.

For the next three years, the foundation has adopted the theme ‘LIFESTYLE- BU’, which calls on the young people to be themselves but at the same time to be free from negative influences.

It calls on them to create a positive image and to build up good living values.

“I have been a member of the foundation since it was launched and I have always supported Marcus with the foundation,” he said.

Compassion will have Trey as its chairman for three years and throughout his mandate, the foundation’s new head said he wants something new and different.

“I am young and I know what young people want so I intend to bring new ideas,” he said.

“I want Compassion to offer something good and reliable for the young people to depend on.”
He has called on all youngsters to join the foundation and contribute towards the wellbeing and development of the young generation.

“I want Compassion to be an inspiration to other foundations to come,” he added.
Message to the youths
“Life is beautiful so we have to live it to the fullest,” he simply said.
“I believe in doing the right things in life and I call on the young people to make the most out of life, to make their dreams come true and help in the development of our small country.”


By Mandy Bertin

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