Volleyball: School Cup-Praslin teams outclass La Digue opponents


The Praslin under-15 and under-18 girls’ teams as well as the boys’ under-15 side won their two matches against La Digue opponents.

Competition was much tougher in the boys’ under-18 category where both teams won a match apiece on identical game scores of 2-1. Because they were both tied on three sets for and three against, the winners were decided on match score difference and Praslin came out on top with a difference of +3 (119 points for and 116 against).

La Digue finished with a difference of -3 (116 points for and 119 against).
The four Praslin teams will now travel to Mahe for the School Cup finals on Saturday November 10 where they will meet the boys’ U15, girls’ U15, boys’ U18 and girls’ 18 winners from schools on Mahe.

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