Beijing to host new expo on Seychelles next month


An agreement to that effect was signed recently by Seychelles’ resident ambassador to China Philippe Le Gall and Liu Jianqiang, vice-secretary general of China Life Science Association – under the aegis of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Fifty Chinese painters and calligraphers are now drawing inspiration from Seychelles Tourism Board’s (STB) promotional material, re-imagining the Seychelles archipelago based on their own perceptions for the purpose of the exhibition.

A section of this exhibition, which will be launched in September, will be reserved for Seychellois artists whose works, acquired through Chinese sponsorship, are presently on exhibition in the Seychelles embassy’s collection.

As part of the agreement, the China Life Science Association will organise the visit of a delegation of Chinese artists and businessmen to Seychelles early next week.

Ambassador Le Gall has said that Seychelles is gaining a fast growing visibility and popularity in this part of the world, describing it as the “Seychelles wave” and added that he anticipates many promising cultural, touristic and economic developments in line with the China-Seychelles friendship.

This initiative follows the successful opening in Beijing last month of an exhibition titled Seychelles in the eyes of Chinese photographers by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, on the margin of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (Focac) ministerial meeting.

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