Mauritian lady celebrates birthday with children of President’s Village


Mrs Anjoo serving the children at her 27th birthday party

A young Mauritian lady, Anjoo Auchoybur, celebrated her 27th birthday on Wednesday August 15 and decided to share the moments with children of The President’s Village at Port Gland, and they helped her blow the 27 candles on her birthday cake.

Described by her colleagues as “a very jovial and gracious person”, Mrs Anjoo works at the Constance Ephelia Resort situated not far from the President’s Village.

A very hardworking and well-cultured woman, Mrs Anjoo likes to help children who are in need and her charismatic character persuaded her to realise her dream of celebrating her birthday among the lovely children who need so much love and affection.

With the help of friends and close ones, Mrs Anjoo shared love and brought so much joy to all the angels at the President’s Village. A snack party was organised for the children who also played, danced, and even received surprise gifts.

Speaking to Seychelles Nation, Mrs Anjoo said “every child in this world deserves love and care”.
“Simple things are enough to bring smile and happiness to children who do not enjoy the same comfort and fortune like others,” she added.

Being a Mauritian, Mrs Anjoo’s action for the Seychellois children has surely made her a person of great integrity.

The children enjoying themselves in the presence of Mrs Anjoo and friends

It is fitting then to say that our society needs more and more generous people like Mrs Anjoo. It doesn’t matter your nationality, your religious belief, whether you are black or white, if you are rich or poor, every single courteous action can help bring light to the life of every child of God.

So why wait much longer? Act now and bring hope to the children in need!

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