Tennis-Another Babolat sponsorship for Damien Laporte


Laporte accepts part of the equipment from coach Canale

The Babolat company gave Laporte the equipment which include racquets, shoes, apparels and bags, while the STA took care of the freight cost.

Laporte accepted the equipment from French coach Frédéric Canale and STA chairman Charlie Ng during a small ceremony on Friday at the Roche Caïman courts.

Coach Canale said that the sponsorship has been made possible through his personal affiliation with the company. He said after negotiating with the Babolat company, the latter agreed to give some of his entitled annual sponsorship to one of his players, namely Laporte.

Coach Canale added that the equipment will help young Laporte in his preparation for and during the upcoming Kia-sponsored junior competition which will take place on home soil, under the umbrella of the International Tennis Federation and the Confederation of African Tennis from September 20-24, 2012.

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