Care joins district leaders in fight against substance abuse


Mr Ah Weng giving a presentation at the workshop yesterday

This was agreed at a meeting yesterday, attended by Care Patron Sarah Rene and director Robert Ah Weng as well as Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Minister Vincent Meriton and all district administrators.

Mr Ah Weng  told the gathering at the social affairs conference room at Oceangate House that  despite major efforts, the drug problem in Seychelles is worsening.

He however said that despite the enormous challenges, it is not too late and it is for this reason that Care has decided to join the district administrations which have mobilisation capacity and are more “au fait” with present day realities at community level.

Mr Ah Weng noted that the Social Renaissance campaign is in line with Care’s principles.

“We are all in the same boat,” he said, adding that Care does not pretend to have solutions to all problems.

He told the district administrators that they have a vital contribution in building up individuals, who constitute their communities.

Mr Ah Weng suggested that more emphasis is laid on getting better acquainted with residents who have problems, teaching them to build up their self-esteem, positive characters and managing stress.

He noted that the human body is very complex, consisting of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional components. In the case of a child, the foundation is implanted within the first four years.

Mr Ah Weng admitted that in many instances, it is not easy, as many children grow up with just a single parent, instead of strong family units.

“We need to get inside the people to get them to adopt reasoned principles.”

He added that often, positive thinking can start in just a simple way, for instance being grateful for the bodies that we have and other blessings that make us the individuals that we are.

Mr Meriton agreed that more emphasis be laid on the positive aspects of life. He agreed that a lot more can be fulfilled by trying to understand the individuals that together constitute the communities.

He suggested that a good way is to begin each day with a genuine reflection, which will prompt positive attitudes to every day life.

This was only the first meeting between Care and district officials. It was agreed that there should be more follow-up meetings as the two organisations join forces to fight substance abuse and other scourges affecting Seychellois society.

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