Health ministry gets blood sugar analysers and dental equipment


Guests viewing the donations after the hand-over ceremony

The presentation ceremony at the Red Roof building was attended by Health Minister Mitcy Larue, principal secretary Veronique Laporte and other senior officials.

The blood analysers were donated by Corina Rosenbauer of the ‘Friends of Seychelles’. She said as someone from the private practice in Germany, she was happy that the equipment will help control diabetes in Seychelles.

Chief nursing officer Bella Henderson said the blood analysers will help ensure that sugar levels in the blood are kept to safe limits.

She noted that diabetes is becoming a major world problem and Seychelles is not being spared, with 5,864 cases and some 8,000 others at high risk.

She noted that worldwide there are 366 million people suffering from diabetes.
Ms Henderson noted that in most cases, diabetes is linked to obesity which is often caused by unhealthy diet and insufficient exercise.

The batch of dental equipment was donated by two German students – Denise Berweiler and Tanja Gross – who are on two months’ training with the Seychelles health ministry.

They are from Mainz in the western part of Germany and plan to qualify as dentists.

The equipment was accepted by Wix Cupidon, chief dental officer, who said they include masks, gloves, brushes as well as composite and bonding for tooth fillings.

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