Company helps people talk through internet free-• Offers to make your website faster


Visitors at the Double Click internet café talking to loved ones overseas through Skypeyesterday (photo by GT)

Its general manager said this last night in a video conference after opening a Skype account for our Family Life journalist for free as a demonstration.

In the “face to face” chat in which they could “see” each other through their laptops, Alex Kab of Alekab Technology said many people do not have the time to open Skype or even email accounts, “but we can help them do so for a nominal fee payable in rupees after the customer sees the results”.

“For just R100 we create an e-mail address for you and give you a password which you can change at your convenience. You do not pay the money until our agent in Seychelles opens your newly created e-mail before your very own eyes, for example at an internet café. You just need to give the details you wish like your name or nickname and the e-mail address you choose,” he said.

“For Skype you give us the details you wish to, we open the account with your chosen name or nickname. It’s only after you get notification from Skype that you pay R150 then proceed to download free software and begin your communication as you add contacts of people you already know.

“Some people will say it is easy to open such an account but not everybody knows how to do it or has the time. It may also take you so long at a café that you end up paying more after struggling to set up an account,” he said, advising interested persons to call or text local number 2545292 today to start the process.

Mr Kab also said if your website is slow, the company offers search engine optimisation “so your website pops up at the top of other names as soon as someone starts typing a name similar to that of your website”.

The company can also “install equipment to boost and share any connection and builds software to use the internet to communicate from databases through e-mail and sms internet”.
Those who wish to contact the company directly.

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