LWMA gets new motorbikes for monitoring work


The official hand over of the bikes
The bikes will be used in the monitoring work of the LWMA, and will become especially useful in hilly areas and rough terrains which would normally be difficult for vehicles like cars to reach.
The donation is from the Samlo Group of Companies, who is based in Seychelles with a scrap metal collection and exportation business based at Providence.

The official handing over of the bikes took place recently at the LWMA headquarters at English River in the presence of the agency’s chief executive Lena Desaubin and her staff.

The managing director of the Samlo Gourp of Companies Rajiv Samlo said they have a very close partnership with the agency and it had been their decision to make the donation as a gesture of good faith towards the partnership.

“The Sagapower bikes are very popular in Mauritius and we know they will be put to good use by the agency,” he said.

He added that the company – which has been operating in Seychelles for the past 15 years – is now expanding to Praslin and La Digue, where scrap metal from the two islands will be collected and sent to Mahe before exported to Mauritius.

Speaking to Seychelles Nation, Mrs Desaubin said the donation is a very useful one, and will also allow them to quickly be able to respond to calls that require their presence on scenes even at times of congested traffic.

“We will now also be able to send a vehicle to Praslin so that our operations will be more effective,” she said.

“We hope that this gesture encourages other partners and stakeholders to come forward and support out efforts to keep Seychelles as clean and beautiful as possible.”

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