Minister Alexander visits Ephelia Resort


Led by the company’s regional general manager Philippe Guiton and human resources director Marie-Claire Marie, the minister and her delegation were treated to a guided tour of almost all the units of the establishment, including the finance and administration sections, maintenance, food and beverage, security, laundry, kitchen, human resources as well as the recreation unit. She was able to see the employees at work and interacted with them.

The staff of the resort were grateful that the minister took the time to see them in their work place and witness how they work. They also seized the opportunity to address and seek clarification on some labour issues such as lack of staff in certain departments, salary, and attitude of certain managers.

The hotel has promised to look into the issues raised and officials of the ministry will do a follow-up visit in three months.

Ms Alexander said such visits are important as her ministry wants to enhance partnership with the private sector, and tourism being one of the pillar of the economy, it is important to know and understand how hotels operate and what are the labour issues that need to be addressed in that particular area. 

The Ephelia Resort is a five-star hotel opened in February 2010 and employs 786 people of whom 290 are expatriates.

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