Young Seychellois awarded scholarship by Russian government


Barra (third left) in a souvenir photo with Minister Adam, Mrs Pillay, Ambassador Kalinin, his mother, and a representative of the embassy

He got his plane ticket and documents from Russian ambassador Mikhail Kalinin yesterday during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr Barra will be leaving the country on September 12 to pursue his studies at the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University.

Attending the ceremony were Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, chief executive of the National Human Resources Development Council (NHRDC) Margaret Pillay and the beneficiary’s mother Nadia Barra.
Mr Kalinin congratulated Mr Barra for being accepted at the institution in Moscow.

He added that many graduates who have studied in Russian institutions are now holding important positions in the government and business community.

Mr Kalinin said these individuals are now helping to build the country’s economy.
A delegation from the NHRDC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs went to Russia to study the conditions of Seychellois students in two universities in Moscow, he said, adding the directors of the two universities have expressed the hope for more Seychellois to pursue studies in Russian institutions next year.

Mrs Pillay thanked the Russian government for the support being given to help Seychelles in building capacity for its growing economy.

She said the visit to Russia recently was reassuring and that talks were held with both universities.

Mrs Pillay added that there are structures in these institutions to help the Seychellois students excel in their studies.
Minister Adam also congratulated Mr Barra for being awarded the scholarship and wished him the best in his studies.

He said Seychelles appreciates the links that have been established with the Russian Federation, which are helping to build the capacity of the country.

Mr Adam thanked Mr Kalinin and the Russian government for their support and contribution towards the development of human resources in the country.

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