Weekend of activities for arts festival


In fact, the festival which will end this weekend, started earlier this week with a series of events including a four-day choreography workshop for dancers aged 15 years and above held at the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts at Mont Fleuri.

The group of young dancers, under the watchful eyes of choreographer and dancer Ruth Louise, learned Afro Jazz and other contemporary dance techniques.

The public will be able to appreciate the dancers’ new dancing skills and techniques during an on-stage performance tomorrow afternoon at the National Cultural Centre in Victoria.

The other activity which kicked off earlier in the week was an installation arts workshop which took place at the School of Visual Arts at Anse Royale.

Installation art is a form of art where artists use scrap materials, especially metal, collected mostly from dumping sites. These are then assembled into installations which could very well address the issue of waste and environment protection among others.

The aim of this workshop is to promote this very popular contemporary art form among the new generation of local artists.
A highly recognised installation artist from Mauritius, Krishna Luchoomun, is leading the workshop which is being attended by a group of 15 visual arts students.

Speaking to Nation on Thursday, Mr Luchoomun said he is satisfied with the level of commitment and interest shown by the group of young people in this form of art.

“They have collected all the materials they have used for their installations and these include scrap metals, used tyres and even an old wheelchair,” Mr Luchoomun said.

He noted he has really enjoyed working with the group of young people.

He pointed out that the creations of the various installation pieces which have come out of the workshop will be on display in the grounds of the National Cultural Centre today and tomorrow.

Mr Luchoomun said members of the public will see some very interesting creations and the sculptures, although unrefined, are surely very captivating and awesome – all conveying a particular message.

The Arts Garden – an initiative of arts and book lover Emmanuel D’Offay – will be held in the grounds of the National Cultural Centre between 9.30am and 5pm today and tomorrow.

A special feature of the Arts Garden will be the Book Café where book lovers can browse through second-hand books, magazines, music CDs and film DVDs and read newspapers while at the same time enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

All the materials will be on sale and the proceeds will go towards the setting up of libraries at the Children’s Ward at the Seychelles Hospital, the orphanages, the Detox centre at North East Point.

Mr D’Offay said he has received a large selection of books for all ages and tastes and has expressed his sincere thanks to all the people who have responded positively to the cause.

“Many people from abroad have been very generous and responded generously through appeals I sent via Facebook, and I sincerely wish to express my gratitude to them,” Mr D’Offay said.

He noted that the aim is to encourage more people to read and provide them with the opportunity to buy books at reduced prices.

For those who enjoy watching a good play, the Modesti Theatre Group has a very special play in store for them.

Producer and director of Modesti Theatre, Angelin Marie, has reproduced for theatre the parable of the Prodigal Son.

“The well-known parable has been adapted in the modern day context with modern day life situations,” said Mr Marie.

Modesti Theatre will surely surprise the public with this production and it is a piece full of morals and lesson to be learnt,” he noted.

Actors like Didier Belle, Petra Tamatave, Richie Flore, who will be playing the role of the prodigal son, have some great surprises in store for the public.

Tickets for the show to be held at the National Theatre at Mont Fleuri at 6.30pm today are being sold at R75 apiece at the National Arts Council and will also be available at the door.

Another activity to take place tonight is the projection of a film produced locally by the association of local film makers CineSesel  .

The film will be screened during the Arts Garden activity in the grounds of the National Cultural Centre.

It is based on the cultural interaction between youths and elders and  the various scenes have been shot by a group of nine youths. The film has been directed by Henry Bastienne – a video producer and director who used to work for the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation.

During the whole of this week Mr Bastienne and other members of the CineSesel have been showing a group of young people how to conceptualise and develop a short film. This was during a workshop at the National Cultural Centre.

A photographic exhibition called Klendey and a collective art exhibition Latras mon penso brush stroke are also on the programme of activities.

M-A. L.

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