Nandita breaks national A-Level record


National A-Level record breaker Nandita

Nandita, 18, achieved 2 A*s in Biology and English Literature, with 2 As in Economics and History and a grade B in Mathematics.

 Finally, she also achieved a grade A in English language at AS level. This means that Nandita achieved 680 A-Level points.

The school’s head teacher Dan Roberts said: “It is extremely challenging to study five and a half A-Levels in itself but to achieve the results that Nandita has is an incredible accomplishment.

 It is testament to the commitment, hard work and extremely positive attitude that Nandita has towards learning.

“To also break the national IGCSE record and now the A-Level record just shows how special she is. All of the staff at the school are proud of Nandita’s phenomenal outcomes and we wish her every success in her journey on to the University of St Andrews.”

Nandita said: “It feels great to have broken the record again; it’s not something I expected to accomplish.

 I could not have done any of it without the incredible support of both my parents and the school.

 My mum and dad are amazing people – they just left me to it.

 My parents have always given me their full support and believed in me.
“The International School will always have a special place in my heart.

 Not only has it watched me grow from a three-year-old toddler to an 18-year-old girl, but it has shaped much of who I am today. It is a place filled with extraordinary teachers and amazing people who go beyond the extra mile for every student.

 I must thank all my teachers, but special thanks goes to individuals such as Martin Kennedy for his inspirational commitment to his students, our awesome studies coordinator Glenny Stravens, and teachers Julie Donlon, Carol Dooley, Sam Lambert and John Richard, who were always there for advice and help.

 They always took the time and effort to help me far more than necessary.

“I am relatively satisfied with my results considering I took on a work load of 5.5 A-Level subjects.

 They could have been better, but I know that I worked harder than I ever thought I could.

 During exam time I had just about enough time to eat and sleep.

 The pressure of A-Level finals is astounding, but what’s even more remarkable is how much of that pressure is from you yourself.

 I always have high expectations of myself and it’s what drives me to push myself as hard as I can in everything I do. I truly believe that if you set yourself to achieving your goals, you will do it somehow.

 Maybe not in the way you expected to, perhaps not the way you hoped to, but somehow, even if you don’t see it in the present, when you look back, you will see that you did in fact accomplish a great deal.

 I am infinitely grateful for all that I have been blessed with.
“I have been accepted into the University of St Andrews in the UK to complete a Joint degree in English, economics and international relations.

 There are many things I hope to achieve in this life.

 Whatever they may be, I hope to do my family, my school and my country proud.”

Speaking of the her daughter’s achievement, Lekha Nair said: “When she broke the national record for IGCSEs with 11 A*s, I thought it was a remarkable accomplishment – but now to hear that she did it again with her A-Levels, I am speechless.

 The fact that she set another national record is incredible as she was more involved with her music this past year.

Nandita is passionate about music – loves composing, singing and plays both the piano and the guitar.

 Nandita has been a very hardworking student all through school.

I think the success with her IGCSEs motivated her further to doing even better at her A-Levels.

 Of course, my husband and I are incredibly proud of her and she truly deserved to get it.

The personal achievements and successes of our children only give further cause to celebrate the tremendous joy they bring us.”

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