Six suspected pirates appear in court


The hijacked vessel was flying the Comoros flag and was sailing out of Sharjah port with general cargo when it was seized.

The suspects were all remanded for 14 days and will therefore reappear before the Supreme Court on September 18.

Aged between 15 and 38 years old, the suspected pirates arrived in the country on Saturday September 1 on board Dutch patrol vessel Rotterdam – which intercepted them – after the Seychelles government agreed to have them tried here.

The suspected pirates allegedly took the cargo vessel on August 11 and were arrested on August 13 after the Rotterdam fired warning shots and the “pirates” surrendered without a fight.

“Dutch marines boarded the vessel and freed the crew.

 HMS Rotterdam at present serves as flagship of the Nato-led maritime force that protects international shipping in the Indian Ocean,” said the Dutch embassy.

Police spokesperson Jean Toussaint said the captain and crew of the hijacked vessel recorded their statements regarding the events and continued their journey to Salalah, Oman.

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