Red Cross to train child minders to mark anniversary



Red Cross volunteers are trained to give first aid care

“The training will be given under the theme, First aid to vulnerable people,” said Red Cross’ communications and resources mobilisation coordinator Maria Fanchette yesterday.
“We are all at some point vulnerable, but we all have the capacity to learn or do something which can save someone’s life.

 This is the key message of the World First Aid Day,” she said, adding the movement is organising worldwide sessions to teach the public first aid to help prevent accidents and illnesses.

“There is increasing need to train people including volunteers to develop their capacity to give first aid in their homes, work places and communities,” she said.

“To mark the day, a group of day care personnel has been identified for training in basic first aid.

This will surely benefit them in their day to day living and their work as they give first aid to the vulnerable children they care for.”

The day-long session will be at the Red Cross building on the right and 100 metres before reaching the Providence roundabout from town.

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