Support of children’s rights from youth assembly


Ms Sinon (standing) explaining to SNYA members the different issues surrounding children’s rights and how to address them

This has been helped along by a half-day course initiated by the National Council for Children (NCC) called Convention on the rights of a Child which was held at its headquarters at Bel Eau on Thursday.

Delegates of the workshop were members of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA) who were coached by training coordinator Marilyn Sinon and made aware of different issues surrounding children’s rights and how to address them.

Mrs Sinon said the workshop is part of the sharing of concluding observations done by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in Geneva.

“What I am doing today is providing SNYA members with basic information regarding children’s rights and discussing recommendations made by the CRC on a report Seychelles handed over to them in 2011,” she said.

There are 74 recommendations in all, 42 of which the NCC has included in a leaflet available at its headquarters.
Some of the recommendations include the continuation of bringing in laws in line with the CRC, making sure the rights in the CRC are well understood by adults and children, making sure physical punishment is clearly banned in schools and in alternative institutions and collecting information on the sexual exploitation and abuse of boys and girls and use this to develop plans to stop it happening among other recommendations.

Coordinator of the SNYA, Jeanetta Ally said lessons learned in the workshop will allow assembly members to bring children’s rights issues to the table for discussion which in turn will help solve related concerns in their respective districts.

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