Company offers new internet platform-Buy and sell without leaving your home or chair


Recently, websites such as eBay have been making a strong appearance and a lot of people rely on the online platforms where millions of items are traded each day.

The good news about all this is Seychelles has now launched its very own online platform – Bazar Seychelles at

The initiative of International Business Centre Seychelles (IBC Seychelles Ltd) will now allow locals a free and handy classified site where buyers and sellers can come together to sell and advertise goods and services, for example clothes, cars, employment agencies etc.

The director for business development at IBC Seychelles Ltd, Wilhelmus Habets said they got the idea when they came across several buying and selling groups on Facebook.

“It wasn’t all that practical or up to par so we decided to develop our own website,” he said.
Mr Wilhelmus said although he thinks it’s a good idea, such groups do not give the sellers the exposure they need.

Marketing director Paul Testa explained further by stating that “an advert posted early morning is almost definitely at the bottom of the page or even in previous posts by the evening, which means those who come in after 10pm for example will not know what the older listings are unless they scroll all the way down”.

Mr Testa said that Bazar Seychelles platform has an extensive search feature where users can find items through price ranges or different categories.
“Our platform also allows users to post pictures or videos along with their adverts and details for free,” he said, adding that aside from adverts, stores can also be created.

“This basically is a website within a website,” he explained.

Users can link and upload their own logos and configure the backend as well as uploading product catalogues for free.

Mr Testa added: “We believe this will give other businesses a chance to advertise and increase the probability of higher profits, so it’s a win-win situation. For example, a business can open a store within Bazar Seychelles and sell Seychelles-branded merchandise to the international market of which I’m sure there is demand.”

Future plans

The directors said more surprises are in store, including membership services by October 2012.
“We are planning to connect business members of the site to an international database of importers, exporters and manufacturers – similar to the popular Ali Baba,” said Mr Habets, who explained it will become a “one-stop resource for businesses to network and form contacts around the world”.

Mr Habets said an online auction site is also in the works.
“Sellers will be able to set minimum selling prices and other features, including selling to overseas buyers”.

Negotiations have already begun to include Paypal payments into the system and IBC Seychelles Ltd plans to discuss with eBay about coming on board.

Further developments will include an iPhone and Android app to help subscribers keep track of new listings, a prepaid debit card for members and for customers, a customer profit card that will give local businesses free advertising in exchange for incentives for customers.

The company’s adorable and catchy mascot – the Rupee Rupee bird – will also be making its debut appearance on radio and television soon.

“When people hear the bird’s tweeting they’ll know it’s time to call in for some exciting prizes,” said Mr Habets.

“There will also be free giveaways and Rupee Rupee bird merchandise available”.
Add to your favourites list and watch out for its cute mascot.
Online shopping is about to take Seychelles by storm!

Rebecca Belle

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