Father Grégoire back in Seychelles


Father Grégoire (seen here addressing a crowd during a past visit here) will lead retreat sessions during his 10-day stay

During his 10-day stay here he will lead a retreat at La Misère organised by the Friends of Prisons.

Friend of Prisons chairperson Gilles Nageon said yesterday some 30 people, including ex-prisoners, members of the mentioned association and other individuals, will take part in the three-day retreat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

Father Grégoire will also hold a session for prisoners on Tuesday September 18.
Mr Nageon said a programme with the Diocese has also been planned.

According to Mr Nageon, Father Grégoire’s visit forms part of the activities organised by the Friends of Prisons.

“Our aim as an association is to stretch a friendly helping hand to prisoners. Through the activities we organise we place strong emphasis on acceptance, rehabilitation and most of all on forgiveness,” said Mr Nageon.

He added that Father Grégoire is a very charismatic person with special talents and able to touch the heart of people through his vibrant gospel tunes and lyrics in his own tongue, similar to ours and to which many of us have adapted.

“The fact that several former prisoners have readily accepted to take part in the retreat shows that he has made a difference in their lives,” added Mr Nageon.

Father Grégoire’s last visit to Seychelles dated back to July 2009.

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