A new school term begins


It is important that all students and teachers take into account the importance of this third and last term of the 2012 academic calendarMany students will be writing end of year assessments and final exams that will show how hard they have worked during the year.

Secondary school leavers will also be making important decisions for further education and training courses.

At this point, it is therefore vital that all students commit themselves to their studies and ensure they meet their set targets and goals.

This term, the Ministry of Education is also placing a lot of emphasis on the Pastoral Care System, particularly various aspects of the Code of Conduct such as uniform, conduct on the bus, discipline, use of mobile phones at school and many more.

A special appeal goes to all parents to support their children comply with the requirements of the Pastoral Care System in order to have a safe and conducive learning environment.

The ministry takes this opportunity to wish all students, teachers and staff a productive and fruitful term. Let us all continue to practice the 3-Es -- Efficiency, Exemplary and Excellence!

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