Relocated services move back to CBS building


Members of the public are advised that banking services will return to the banking hall located at the front of the CBS building. The same will apply for the tender box for Treasury bills.
As of today, the banking hall shall be open for cash transactions, coin exchange as well as Treasury department examiner and cashier from 8.30am until 12.30pm. 

Other services provided by the Treasury department will be fully operational within the CBS building as from tomorrow.

A CBS communiqué says that the health and safety concerns that caused the initial relocation of services and evacuation of the building have been addressed by the relevant local authorities and parties from overseas. 

“The root cause of the concerns was identified as a problem with the air conditioning system within the building.  As such, extensive work has taken place to clean the centralised system and where necessary replace parts.  Additional cleaning and verification of safety standards have also been conducted.  As such, the building has been deemed safe to resume occupation and minor works continue to be undertaken to ensure the problem is completely resolved,” says the communiqué. 

The CBS has thanked members of the public for their understanding and cooperation. 

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