Alleged assault on Marcus Botsoie-Minister acts on enquiry panel report


The minister said that he fully supports the recommendations for improvements made in the report and has asked the police commissioner to ensure that they are implemented in a timely manner.

He stressed that he firmly believes in a police force that serves and protects the people, as well as one that enforces the law in a just and fair manner.

The minister has requested the police to continue to work to improve their interaction with the public in a professional and impartial manner, so that there is continued confidence building between the police and the public.

The minister has also expressed his commitment to the further professionalisation of the Seychelles Police Force, as well as his support to the members of the force for the commendable and important work they are doing to combat crime in our country.

He has asked them to continue to remain focused on attaining excellence in carrying out their duties for the benefit of all to ensure a crime-free environment where our citizens and visitors can feel safe.

A copy of the report has also been sent to the chairman of the Human Rights Commission for information.

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