Appeal for an ozone friendly generation


Mr Agricole hands over the refrigerator to the school’s head teacher

This was preceded by a donation of an ozone-friendly refrigerator by the Ministry of Environment and Energy -- represented by principal secretary Wills Agricole – to the school.

Also present for the activities was district administrators for English River and Anse Etoile, national ozone coordinator Inese Chang-Waye, representatives from the Division of Risk and Disaster Management, the school’s head teacher Marie-Claude Morel, other teachers and students.

The theme for this year’s International Ozone Day, celebrated on September 16, was protecting our Atmosphere for Generations to come and Mrs Morel said the reason English River School was chosen for the tree-planting activity is that its students are constantly exposed to ultra violet rays as there is barely any shade on the school grounds.

“It is also in the middle of town and therefore prone to pollutions,” she said.
Keeping in line with this year’s theme, Mr Agricole explained that since “the ozone layer plays a crucial role in the protection of life on earth from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, it is therefore indeed the future generations that will bear the full impact of the ozone depletion and subsequent climate change if the present generation does not develop the resilience and determination that is required to tackle such threats”.

The Montreal Protocol – a multilateral environmental agreement – was signed by Seychelles The tree-panting activity in full swingin 1993. This saw to it that substances harmful to the ozone layer be removed from the country and through this, Seychelles has also established its ODS (Ozone depleting substances) control policy and regulation by putting in place an ODS import/export licensing system that is enforced.

Mr Agricole asked students to tell their parents to also contribute to preserving the ozone layer by doing simple things like avoiding importing gases and gas driven equipment restricted in the country such as refrigerators using R11 and R12 refrigerants and by buying ozone-friendly ones instead.

“Keeping Seychelles green is each and every Seychellois’ responsibility. Planting a single tree in your garden and school establishments is a noble act as it will contribute towards the 20,000 Trees For Life national campaign,” he said.

At the end of the ceremony Mrs Chang-Waye gave a short presentation highlighting the dangers of over exposure to ultraviolet rays and different ways to protect oneself from it.

Among other things, too much ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancers and cataracts and destroy vegetation.

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