Bank sports new look


An overview of the new-look interior of MCB at Caravelle House

This comes after a complete overhaul by the bank in its visual identity and branch concept.
The MCB, launched locally in 2005 and which now has a total of five branches and nine ATMs across the country, has decided to change its logo and theme sound, a project that has already been put in action in Mauritius since the end of last year.

This was said at a press conference held at Caravelle House yesterday by chief executive of the bank Pierre Guy Noel, managing director Jocelyn Ah-Yu and retail business unit manager Lindy Monthy.

Aside from the slight difference in logo and sound theme, Ms Monthy said the layout of the bank has also changed.

“We now have a greeter to meet customers as they come in to guide them. It is very much like a department store concept, meaning customers will be directed to the counter respective to their queries,” she said.

Ms Monthy said the aim of this is to help clients spend minimal time in the bank.

“We have also dedicated a lot of time in training our staff and we can say they are prompt and able to deliver or explain our services and products if anybody asks.”

Mr Noel said the shape of the caravel on the logo has undergone an “evolution” of sorts.

“We went through a lot of brainstorming to come up with a new visual identity and we want to develop accordingly as the needs of our customers increase,” he said, adding the project is also an opportunity for the bank to re-define its vision and mission to “help find new ways in meeting customers’ needs”.

Mr Noel also said the bank is looking into expanding the type of products it offers in Seychelles in the near future.

Mr Ah-Yu said MCB is “a bank with a heart” and will continue to show its commitment towards Seychelles through its regular sponsoring of events like the Indian Ocean Island Games of 2011 and the Creole Festival.

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