Countdown to the Seychelles Investment Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on September 28, 2012-3 days


Not surprisingly, product quality and after-sales service have become more important in buying decisions, instead of being based merely on brand or product origin.

-Turkey imports many consumer goods from various sources, as domestic production concentrates on a few sectors such as textiles and clothing, iron and steel and automotive products.

-The potential to develop the market remains very high. For instance, car ownership in Turkey is only about 70 vehicles per 1,000 people. In the EU, the ratio is closer to 480 per 1,000.

-Turkey’s large, relatively young population means that it has enormous growth potential, and roughly 70% of its GDP is from private consumption.

Any business operators wishing to participate and network at this forum should contact the Promotion Unit of the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) on 4295500.

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