Leaders discuss national issues


President Michel welcomes Mr Pierre at State House

A communiqué from State House said the President and the Leader of the Opposition exchanged views on the latest developments in the country, both in terms of the economy and the work of the government.

“They examined the improvements in the business environment and the economic development of the country which are important for democracy to continue to flourish in an atmosphere of peace and stability,” the communique said.

Mr Pierre called for greater emphasis on tackling alleged corruption in the country with the introduction of a strong anti-corruption law.

They also discussed the cost of living and the ways in which the most vulnerable in society can be shielded from the effects of its increase.

The two leaders also spoke about the needs of the labour market in Seychelles and the importance of training Seychellois cadres for the jobs that are most needed in the country and which are currently filled by expatriate labour.

The President said he was satisfied with the meeting as an exchange of ideas for working towards solutions to national challenges.

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