‘Rwanda and Seychelles can offer unique products’


Mr Rugangazi presents his credentials to President Michel

He was talking after presenting his credentials to President James Michel, replacing his country’s former envoy Fatuma Ndangiza and becoming Rwanda’s second ambassador to Seychelles.

Combining tourism efforts is one of the topics he spoke about with Mr Michel, and he said:
“We have identified promotion of tourism as one of the areas of cooperation we can work on because for both Seychelles and Rwanda tourism is the main economic activity.

“Like Seychelles, Rwanda has opted to go for high end tourism and as you know we have the rare mountain gorilla, which is a very big tourist attraction and Seychelles has the most beautiful beaches and islands and we can work towards having joint services by tour operators working together to target the same type of tourists,” he said.

He pledged to do whatever else is necessary to bring the two countries closer.

Tour operators and the government have been looking for ways of offering the viewing of Seychelles unique products for example rare species like the giant tortoises and the world’s largest nut – the coco de mer – to tourists who would also enjoy our special beaches during combined trips that allow them to see animals on the main continent.

The rare mountain gorilla which weighs up to 200 kilogrammes that Mr Rugangazi was talking about is found only in the areas around his country and there are just 800 of them left on earth.

Also referred to as the gentle giant, the gorilla is one of the 11 types of primates in a group that includes chimpanzees, baboons, colombus and vervet monkey.

Yesterday, Mr Rugangazi also called on National Assembly speaker Dr Patrick Herminie.

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