Sea cucumber fishing season re-opens


The season will be open for a period of three months compared to the preceding years, when opening seasons lasted nine months between October 1 and June 30.

Individuals currently holding a sea cucumber fishing licence will be allowed to operate in the fishery from Monday October 1, 2012 until December 31, 2012, as long that the existing license conditions are met.

The Marine Resources Assessment Group Limited (MRAG) based in the UK was contracted in June 2012 to conduct a stock assessment for the cucumber fishery in the Seychelles.

MRAG has extensive knowledge of the tropical fisheries and has worked in Seychelles in the past.
This group was selected with the endorsement with the Sea Cucumber Association.

The SFA was actively involved with the Marine Resources Assessment Group Limited (MRAG) in the stock assessment evaluation.

Stakeholders and the Sea Cucumber Association also participated with the provision of their data. The Sea Cucumber Association had their own independent adviser.

During these three months, the work done by the Marine Resources Assessment Group Limited (MRAG), including recommendations made, will be discussed with all stakeholders.

The purpose of this exercise is to come up with recommendations for the management of the sea cucumber fishery after December 31, 2012..

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