Visitor arrivals from Israel get added boost


The Israeli visitors upon their arrival at the airport yesterday

In a collaboration that dates back many years, the event has been made possible thanks to a partnership between destination management company Mason’s Travel and the Medraft Spirit Israeli charter.

Early yesterday afternoon, 216 passengers were welcomed upon their arrival by the national troupe who entertained them with a selection of traditional Creole music and songs as dancers also performed.

The delighted passengers put their checking-in on hold to enjoy the music, heartily applauded each performance and filmed what will certainly be treasured memories of their visit here.

Mason’s Travel’s sales executive Debra Malbrook said charters to Seychelles from Israel had been taking place as early as 10 years ago, but had always been done directly between the charter company and the hotel accommodating the visitors.

“Around five years ago, when we were still a ground-handling agent, we made contact and after discussions settled on an agreement to bring visitors here from Israel. Since then we have had around 30 charters, where we have them twice a year, namely in April and October,” she said.

Yesterday’s arrivals are mostly family groups and this was apparent from the many children present, and also a number of repeat guests to Seychelles.

Some were celebrating 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, while others were celebrating their honeymoon here, and Miss Malbrook said most of the visitors will be staying at the Ephelia resort, and others at Kempinski and Maia resorts.     

Excursions, bus tours, island-hopping and other activities have been planned for the group who will be spending one week in Seychelles. The will leave next Monday.

“Although this group has just arrived, we have already started to prepare for the April group,” she said.

The chief executive for the Medraft, Tali Yative, said they are planning to increase the number of passengers they bring to Seychelles.

“It’s the holidays in Israel and this is why we are focusing on bringing visitors here in family groups,” she said.

“From feedback we get, our clients love Seychelles because of the weather, the beaches, the food, the people, everything about it in fact. They go back to Israel and spread the word and this brings new visitors here as well as those who have been here before and want to come again for another visit.”

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