Promoting teaching as a rewarding profession


Revd Elizabeth giving an account of the impact teachers have had in moulding his life

The forum, held in the auditorium of the School of Education at Mont Fleuri, was attended by officials from the Ministry of Education and the University of Seychelles, lecturers from the School of Education among other guests.

Its aim was to get the young people to reflect on the importance of the enormous contribution teachers make in society at a time when we are commemorating their week.

The forum was led by Louisette Morel, a lecturer at the School of Education who has been a teacher since she was 16 years old and has spent more than 20 years training teachers.

She received the help of a group of teachers from the School of Education and a panel of teachers from all levels of education - early childhood, primary, secondary, post secondary and the University of Seychelles as well as a group of young professionals who had voluntarily wanted to share with the audience the impact teachers have had in moulding their lives and profession to make them who they are today.

They included Reverend Danny Elizabeth from the Anglican diocese, Helda Antoine from Barclays Bank and Jose, a well known farm owner and businessman.

In her remarks to launch the forum, Mrs Morel noted that the country is proud of and appreciates those young people who have chosen to pursue a career in teaching and discharge their responsibilities with pride.  

She remarked that come October each year, society reflects on and celebrates the contributions of teachers – the quantity and quality of their hard work.

The theme for this year’s teachers’ week is Act now and make a difference and it is in line with this theme that the forum has been organised.

“It is important that our young people and society start to reflect on the effects a shortage of teachers can have on us all,” said Mrs Morel.

“Teachers before us and today have strived and are still striving hard to educate and prepare our young people who are the pillars of our society for tomorrow. And it is important to take time every now and then, especially during Teachers’ Week, to reflect on and appreciate their enormous contributions,” Mrs Morel stressed.

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