Police bring 51 bad drivers to court


This comes out in the September 2012 report of the Seychelles Police Traffic Section to the Commissioner of Police.
According to the report, this figure is for the month of August, from 1 to 31.

Of the 51 drivers cited, five are female drivers, aged between 18 years of age and 67; while for the male drivers the youngest cited was 19 years of age and the oldest 63 years old.

The report notes that Anse Aux Pins is the district having the largest amount of drivers cited – 8 in total.  followed by Pointe Larue (5) and La Louise (4).

The report, submitted on September 17, 2012 also mentions that 193 vehicles were stopped at various police check points, between September 5 and 18 inclusively.  Twenty-four of those vehicles were warned and reported to the Traffic Section for violations of seat belt use or lacking, defective vehicular lights, or tinting of vehicular windows.

It should also be noted that 6728 spot checks were carried out by the Traffic Section of the Seychelles Police and the National Crime Services Division (NCSD) for the month of September, this for Praslin and Mahe.

The police noted several complaints from some motorists questioning the professionalism or approach of some officers from the traffic enforcement section and noted that all complaints are actively followed up on and addressed.

Police have also registered the public’s call to strictly enforce traffic laws, with some members of the public reporting unsafe speeds by motorists, drinking of alcoholic beverages while driving, unsafe passing, playing of loud music in vehicles, loud silencers in vehicles, as some of the complaints.

The Seychelles Police when approaching violations of road traffic laws continue to remind drivers of the possible consequences of their unsafe driving; be it excessive speed or simply failing to adhere to other required best practices. 

“A license to drive on Seychelles roads is not in itself a ‘carte blanche’ to do what you want at anytime,” said a senior official from the Traffic Section of the Police.

“With that said, motorists and the public at large will better appreciate it next time they see the Traffic Section of the Seychelles Police actively managing either a suspected drunk driver or someone who was just observed driving in an unsafe manner and speeding,” he added. 

Members of the public are invited to continue reporting their observations or other reports to the newly established 133 police hotline.  Calls received are anonymous with reports made greatly appreciated. 

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