Teachers’ Week 2012 honours all teachers in Seychelles


 The ceremony was hosted by President James Michel, in the presence of Vice-President Danny Faure, ministers, principal secretaries, award recipients and other distinguished guests. 

This annual event rewards long-serving teachers and also honours retiring teachers for their long years of dedication to teaching. This year there were three recipients in the longest service categories namely Carmelle Gappy from Baie St Anne School (longest-serving teacher), Berard Esparon from Baie Lazare School (longest-serving headteacher) and Alex Souffe from the University of Seychelles’ School of Education (longest-serving teacher trainer).

Other awardees were 29 teachers for 25 years of continuous service, as well as 10 teachers who are retiring.

Following the launch, Teachers’ Week 2012 will be marked by various other activities throughout the week such as a special art exhibition honouring the late Girno Beaudoin, former Arts teacher of Belonie Secondary School, a professional session with students promoting the teaching profession, a blood donation drive and other activities at school level.

The week’s events will culminate with Teachers Celebrations on Saturday October 6, 2012 at the Roche Caiman exhibition hall (ex-SMB hall). 

The following are short profiles of the three longest-serving educators who were awarded during the ceremony on Monday.


Carmelle Gappy

Carmelle Gappy – longest-serving teacher

Mrs Carmelle Gappy started her primary education at Baie Ste Anne School in 1954 and her secondary education in 1960 at the Modern School in Grand Anse Praslin.

She started teaching as a Supply Teacher in September 1966 and she joined the Teacher's Training College three years later.

Upon her graduation as a certificated teacher, she was posted at Baie Ste Anne school where she taught for 24 years at different levels. As part of her professional development Mrs Gappy followed a Diploma Course in Mathematics, Science and Creole.  Upon her successful completion of the course in 1997, she was promoted Studies Coordinator until 2009. In 2010 Mrs Gappy was further promoted to the post of Deputy Head of Baie Ste Anne school, a post she is still holding today.

Mrs Gappy is well known to the Baie Ste Anne school and the community since it is there that she has spent the 46 years of her career. She is a dedicated person, who discharges her responsibilities with diligence.

Congratulations Mrs Gappy, may you become an inspiration for the youth of Praslin and youth of Seychelles.


Alex Souffe

Alex Souffe – longest-serving teacher trainer

Mr Alex Souffe, a Praslinois, joined the Seychelles Teacher Training College in January 1977 and completed his training in December 1979 where he was awarded Teacher Certificate.

Twelve years later Mr Souffe was awarded a scholarship to undertake further studies at the Western Australian College of Advanced Education; (W.A.C.A.E. – presently Edith Cowan University), in 1987 and was awarded a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Science with a minor in Mathematics. Mr Souffe was soon awarded another scholarship which led him to acquire a Master of Educational Studies at Monash University, Victoria, Australia in 1992.

Mr Souffe began his career as a lecturer when he joined School of Education and Community Studies January 1993 which later evolved into the National Institute of Education. Mr Souffe greatest achievement as he aptly puts it “is having had the opportunity as a qualified teacher to follow a smooth career path by occupying all the existing posts at the Seychelles sole Teacher Education Institute – National Institute of Education now School of Education (lecturer, senior lecturer, Course leader, Head of Faculty, Assistant Director Studies and Director)”. To date he has taken the leadership of teacher training to University level when he is the Head of School of Education and lecturer in Biology.

His accomplishment as a lifelong learner has led him to be trained in diverse educational field such as distance education, e-learning, competency-based curriculum development and evaluation to name a few and participate actively in projects at national and international levels.

The University of Seychelles is proud that Mr Souffe has accomplished much in his career and we wish him many fruitful years to come at UniSey.


Berard Esparon

Berard Esparon - longest serving head teacher

Mr Berard, Pascal Esparon, better known as Sir Berard, started his career in teaching as a supply teacher at the Baie Lazare school in 1969.

He graduated as a certified teacher in December 1971 after completing two years studies at the former Teacher Training College.

He then went back to Baie Lazare and taught in the secondary section for about three years before he resigned in 1975.
He re-joined teaching in 1978.
In all, Sir Berard has spent 36 years in the profession. During that period, he has worked in a number of educational institutions including the defunct National Youth Service.

He has occupied different positions from teacher, studies coordinator, deputy dead teacher and head teacher.

In fact, he has been the head teacher of the Anse Boileau primary and secondary, Takamaka and Baie Lazare schools. He still the post of head teacher at Baie Lazare.

As part of his professional development, he has followed various courses relevant to his work, namely a Diploma in Science and an Advanced Diploma in School Administration with the University of Québec à Trois Rivières, Canada.

Sir Berard can be described as a buoyant and humourous fellow. His joie de vivre is reflected in the way he relates to everyone around him. He would always have a joke to crack to relieve the tension in any challenging situation.

Sir Berard is a multi-skilled person. At the school he can be the head teacher, the carpenter, the mason, the electrician, the plumber, even the work supervisor.

He is quite active in his community as he is involved in numerous activities at church and district level.
He is wished good health and success for the future.

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