Port Glaud school seeks ways to boost teaching and learning



The opening session of the conference Wednesday

The school is ranked last in most exams nationally and to mark the 10th anniversary of its opening, Wednesday, it organised a conference to analyse why after 10 years the level of learning at the school continues to go down, the various contributing factors, the quality of learning and teaching, teacher commitment, the role of all stakeholders in helping the school, if the pupils are getting enough support and encouragement to succeed in their studies, among other issues.

Held under the theme ‘Strengthening partnership between the community and other stakeholders for success’, the conference was hosted by the Constance Ephelia resort at Port-Launay – an active partner which recently adopted the school.

 It was attended by the director for schools Odile Octave, senior curriculum development officer in the Ministry of Education Elva Gédéon, the district’s member of National Assembly Sultane Jacqueline, a representative of the Indian association, teachers, parents and pupils.

In her remarks to launch the conference, the school’s head teacher Shirley Hoareau said when the school opened its doors 10 years ago, the vision was that it produces exemplary pupils who would strive for good results with the commitment and devotion of their teachers of course.

 But she noted that sadly 10 years later this is not the case despite the fact that the Ministry of Education has put in place the necessary infrastructure for the pupils and has given teachers the material required for learning and teaching.

“But are these helping to improve teaching and learning? Are the teachers doing their utmost to use available resources to the maximum?” questioned Ms Hoareau in her address.

She called on the teachers to be more innovative in their teaching and admitted that although there has been some accomplishments over the past 10 years in areas like sports, music and other forms of art, the academic challenge is yet to be surmounted.

Head teacher Hoareau noted the fact that the school has seen six different heads in these 10 years is a situation not considered healthy for learning and teaching.

At the time when we are celebrating our teachers, Ms Hoareau said, the theme for this year: ‘Act now, make a difference’ is fitting because “as teachers we need to act now because we have to make a difference in the way we teach our pupils”.

She called on the teachers, some of whom have been with the school for the past 10 years, to reflect on what each pupil they have taught has achieved.

“If we want to see an improvement in the results the pupils produce we need to act now and we all need to work together to find ways to help the school,” said Ms Hoareau.

The day-long conference included various presentations, question and answer sessions, group work to identify strategies and the way forward for the school to progress.

Ms Hoareau noted that the recommendations of the conference will be presented to the Ministry of Education and other concerned parties for further action.

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