Awakening to awareness



Ms Pardiwalla (left) looks on as therapist Radhika Kidao demonstrates a mindfulness exercise to a group of students

The activity, organised recently, was part of the National Council for Children’s (NCC) initiative of celebrating International Peace Day through mindfulness activities.

NCC director Ruby Pardiwalla said this year’s aim was to make people more aware of their surroundings.

“Through touch, smell, taste and other senses, a person can become more aware and attuned to what is happening around them which in turn leads to a more peaceful and happy person,” she said.

This was the case with the group of teenagers lounging about under the shade of a huge tree while lezar mangouya scuttled past and a nearby stream gurgled silently, adding to the lull in the atmosphere.

Standing in front of the children – looking serene – was occupational therapist Radhika Kidao who was demonstrating a mindfulness exercise using raisins.

“First rub the raisin between your two fingers,” she began.  “Feel its texture. Now smell it and bring it up to your mouth, pop it in but do not chew. Just let it roll off your tongue before gently biting into it. Now how does that taste?”
And the experiment went on – the key being, I suppose, to become aware of the actual step by step process of eating a raisin. It was all rather fascinating.

After that, children, along with Mrs Kidao, members of the NCC and curious bystanders lured in by the strange happenings at the gardens, took part in some yoga.

All activities were carried out in complete silence by all present.

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