Bodybuilding: Mr Regatta-Ten posers in tonight's line- up


The competition is being organised by charitable organisation Seychelles Round Table as part of its activities for the annual Regatta event.

Among the bodybuilders who have registered for tonight’s event are defending champion Ziad Aladou Mekdachi who has never lost in a local competition organised so far, veteran poser Gabriel Coeur de Lion, ever improving Fabien Antat, Joe Gabriel, Eddy Racombo, Rodney Henriette, Eric Kalee and junior posers Ricky Larue, Kevin Laurette and Sylvio Sirame.

This year’s event was open to all posers regardless of their affiliation, while Round Table Seychelles is responsible for hosting the event in the absence of a legitimate local bodybuilding body.

The Animal Kingdom Gym’s executive committee is involved in bringing about proper logistics and technical issues, while Round Table Seychelles maintains full rights on the event.

On tonight’s programme is also a newly-introduced ‘Mr Fitness’ contest which will raise the awareness on the importance of exercise for staying healthy. There will be also a special appearance by a young poser who has been described as a future prospect of the sport.

Tonight’s winners will receive medals, trophies as well as cash prizes, while those taking part will receive certificates.

After spending 33 years in the sport, three-time former Mr Seychelles winner Coeur de Lion, who will celebrate his 57th birthday later this month, describes the competition as the perfect way to bringing unity among the athletes.

Speaking to Sports Nation, Gabby, as he is more commonly known in the bodybuilding family, explained that despite his age he is always ready to compete and this helps to encourage younger posers to come forward and have a good time.

He added that the more athletes in any competition make it even more interesting.

As for defending champion Mekdachi, he takes every competition seriously and is all out to defend his title.

“My preparation has been up to standard despite limited time and I’m really looking forward to compete,” said Mekdachi.
He added that he is in the best form ever and will be coming with a completely different and better physique.

Junior athlete Ricky Larue, who will be competing against two others, has described his preparation as “excellent” and said he is “ready to compete”. Larue said he respects all his opponents and is looking forward to a good show and to entertain the fans.

Tonight’s event will start at 9pm and tickets are available at the Animal Kingdom Gym, The Atlas Gym and from members of Round Table Seychelles. The entrance fee is R100.

Below are shorts profiles of the 10 flex posers who will be vying for the Mr Regatta 2012 title

Ricky Larue     

Age: 20 years old
Occupation: Health Club supervisor
Number of years in the sport:  Two and a half years
Competitions: SBBA Junior 2010 – 3rd, Mr Regatta 2010 – 3rd, Animal Kingdom Gym Classic 2010 – 1st junior, Lovenut Classic 2011

Kevin Laurette

Age: 19 years old
Occupation: Customers Service officer
Number of years in the sport: Three years
Competitions: SBBA Junior 2010, Mr Regatta 2010, Animal Kingdom Gym Classic 2010 – Junior, Lovenut Classic 2011

Eric Kallee
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Police Constable
Number of years in the sport:  Three years
Competitions: SBBA Junior – 4th, Mr Regatta 2010 – 4th, Animal kingdom Gym Classic 2010 – 2nd Junior and 5th overall, Lovenut Classic 2011

Sylvio Sirame (photo not available)
Age: 21 years old
Occupation: Mechanic 
Number of years in the sport: Two years
Competitions:  First competition

Fabien Antat
Age: 37 years old
Occupation: Driver
Number of years in the sport: 14 years
Competitions: Mr Regatta, Mr Victoria, Praslin Open, Mr Seychelles, IFBB World Championship

Joe Gabriel

Age: 37 years old
Occupation:  Fire Fighter – Seychelles Fire & Rescue Services Agency
Number of years in the sport: 15 years
Competitions: SBBA Open 2007 –2nd, Mr Regatta 2007 – 3rd, Mr Seychelles 2007 – 3rd, Praslin Grand Prix 2008 –3rd, Mr Seychelles 2008 – 2nd, Eden Island Grand Prix 2008 – 2nd, Mr Regatta 2010 – 2nd, Animal Kingdom Gym Classic 2010 – 3rd, Lovenut Classic 2011 –2nd.

Rodney Henriette
Age: 39 years old
Occupation: Supervisor
Number of years in the sport:  Eight years
Competitions: Mr Seychelles, Mr Regatta, Animal Kingdom Gym Classic 2010 – 2nd, Lovenut Classic 2011 – 3rd.

Ziad Al Adou Mekdachi

Age: 33 years old
Occupation:  Personal Trainer
Number of years in the sport:  Six years
Competitions: SBBA Open 2009 – 1st, Mr Regatta 2010 – 1st, Mr Seychelles 2009 – 1st, Animal Kingdom Gym Classic 2010 – 1st, Ranked 5th in World Championship 2009, Lovenut Classic 2011 –1st.

Eddy Racombo

Age:  30 years old
Occupation: Police Officer
Number of years in the sport:  Four years
Competitions: SABA Junior, Mr Regatta 2010, Animal Kingdom Gym Classic 2010

Gabriel Coeur De Lion
Age:  56 Years
Occupation:  Gym Owner + Fitness Instructor
Number of years in the sport:  35 years
Competitions: Mr Seychelles (three-time winner in 1979, 1990 and 1991), Mr Victoria, Night of the Champion, Mr Indian Ocean and Praslin Grand Prix

Compiled by R. D.



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